Square Feet in an Acre – Buying an Acre of Land

When buying a house in older days, each house used to have some land with it. Nowadays, when looking around, there are lots of big houses on very smal...


When buying a house in older days, each house used to have some land

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with it. Nowadays, when looking around, there are lots of big houses on very small sections of land. It’s like being able to chat with neighbors while getting the mail because there are no yards. For some people, this can be a very frustrating thing. Who wants a five bedroom, three bathrooms, three story house that has a backyard the size of a patio; it’s such a waste. That’s why when going to purchase a house or land for the first time, make sure that the acreage is enough to satisfy.

Before settling down to buy an acre, one has to know what the square feet in an acre is, and how that will pan out in a real life measure. When shopping around on sites that offer up land listings, more often than not, the size of the land will be listed in square feet. If an individual doesn’t know the exact number, it’s very easy to get cheated out of hard earned money by a smooth talker; that’s why knowing how many square feet are in an acre will save a lot of frustrations down the road. There are 43,560 square feet in an acre. So when one sees a home that says a great lot that’s on 10,000 feet of land, don’t get excited because that’s not even a whole fourth of an acre.

Having an acre of land isn’t for just everyone. Because like any other type of yard, the acre of ‘yard’ needs to be cared for just as well as any other. Moving the grass, taking care of the weeds, and even removing pests are all part of the job. Normally mowing would be done with a tractor or the like, but it all comes down to individual preferences. There are many advantages to owning an acre of land too though.

Once one knows the number of square feet in an acre, and can plot out the land how they see fit; there are so many things that can be done. Starting a barn and raising animals; even a horse would be fine running around on a half an acre terrain. Growing produce would also be another option; both could happen at the same time. But planning, and knowing how much space there is to utilize will help that run smoother.